About Me

Abstract art allows expression of  energy and emotions. And opinions.

Some of my work has been influenced by family members; I wanted to highlight unique experiences and personalities. Representations of their energy have become a focus. Here’s an example. Tankmaster Ray was inspired by my grandfather’s journey from the US to England as a soldier in WWII. He traveled in a bunk at the bottom of Queen Mary along hundreds of others (blue represents waves during the passage). On arrival in England, our flak canons’ bursts fired at the German FW109s and FW190s, represented by the colors orange, red and yellow.

Family pets are also represented in my work. Here, Oliver the Valiant, is shown as curious, energetic and unafraid of towering heights. (Like the roof on the garage.) He liked to fetch toy mice, and after an energetic day he was a supreme snuggler.



Some paintings represent my interests and opinions. One of the first combat space simulators I bought was Star Wars: X-Wing and I was a Star Wars fan. In X-Wing Starfighter, the color blue represents R2D2, yellow the cockpit and red flashes the radar.



World events, like the 2015 Paris bombing were shocking and I was worried about people I knew who lived there. I painted to express encouragement, solidarity and support in Stand Strong Paris.