I am so happy the art of Phil could fly from America to France. 

I am the lucky French owner of a beautiful 4-part painting called Muse, created  by Phil Meyer in 2011. His abstract art work is truly beautiful. Phil is talented and has a gift to share emotions in his paintings. His work is full of passion and energy. I love the colors, the style, the movements, the texture.Every time I look at my paintings, I discover something different and my imagination starts working.I never get bored of looking at my paintings ! They bring me energy and wake up my creativity. I look forward to discover his new creations !

Sophie Cot  Objat, France  SoSoHealthy.fr

If you are looking for Art that works anywhere, look no further.

I am the proud owner of a work of abstract art by Philip Meyer. I’ve often been told that I have too much art and there couldn’t possibly be room for more. It’s certainly something to consider, I’ve thought; but in the end, more art always wins. Most of what I own hangs in the same location, never moves. With Philips’ piece, there has been so much variety. It’s now been in 3 different locations, all of which are perfect. You can enhance any room, place the  art on any wall and you get the same amazing results.  The shapes are full of movement and the colors brighten any space. The piece I own is currently in a guest bedroom where the light is low, but Philip’s art brings its own light. His work is bold, joyful, and strong.

Marsha Ovitz, Minneapolis, Minnesota



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